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Susheela Jayapal for Congress

Leaders across our state are supporting Susheela because they trust her as a proven progressive champion.

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“Susheela Jayapal has been an outstanding progressive leader in Oregon. She has stood with working families as she advocated for workers rights, fought to strengthen support for immigrant and refugee communities, and took on big polluters. I look forward to serving with her in Congress.

Bernie Sanders, U.s Senator

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Susheela has secured funding for long-term rental assistance, wraparound services to move people off the streets and into shelters and for building recovery centers and transitional housing for people coming out of addiction and homelessness. Susheela is a strong, effective leader.

Ernesto Fonseca, Chief Executive Officer, Hacienda CDC

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“Susheela Jayapal always shows up. She understood the violence that youth in our community were suffering from, so she worked alongside advocates and community members to secure federal funding for an innovative youth violence prevention program in the Cully neighborhood.

Tawna Sanchez, State Representative

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We can count on Susheela Jayapal to see the big picture and fearlessly fight for what our community needs. She is the leader with the demonstrated integrity Oregon needs in these difficult times.”

Avel Gordly, Former State Senator and Civil Rights Leader

Elected Officials

  • Bernie Sanders
    U.S. Senator, VT

  • Pramila Jayapal
    U.S. Representative, WA-07

  • Barbara Lee
    U.S. Representative, CA-12

  • Ro Khanna
    U.S. Representative, CA-17

  • Mark Pocan
    U.S. Representative, WI-02

  • David Scott
    U.S. Representative, GA-13

  • Hank Johnson
    U.S. Representative, GA-04

  • Raja Krishnamoorthi
    U.S. Representative, IL-08

  • Delia Ramirez
    U.S. Representative, IL-03

  • Ayanna Pressley
    U.S. Representative, MA-07

  • Ilhan Omar
    U.S. Representative, MN-05

  • Christina Stephenson
    Oregon Labor Commissioner

  • Kayse Jama
    State Senator

  • Tawna Sanchez
    State Representative

  • Hoa Nguyen
    State Representative

  • Art Babitz
    Hood River County Commissioner

  • Les Perkins
    Hood River County Commissioner

  • Martha Schrader
    Clackamas County Commissioner

  • Jessica Vega Pederson
    Multnomah County Chair

  • Kathryn Harrington
    Washington County Chair

  • Pam Treece
    Washington County Commissioner

  • Nafisa Fai
    Washington County Commissioner

  • Duncan Hwang
    Metro Councilor

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez
    Metro Councillor

  • Mary Nolan
    Metro Councilor

  • Carmen Rubio
    Portland City Commissioner

  • Sonja McKenzie
    Parkrose School Board Member

  • Stephanie Stephens
    David Douglas School Board Member

  • Jai Raj Singh
    Tigard City Councilor

  • Michelle DePass
    Portland Public School Board Member

  • Tiffani Penson
    Portland Community College Board Chair

  • Felicita Monteblanco
    Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District

  • Kien Truong
    Portland Community College Board Member

  • Diane Rosenbaum
    Former Senate Majority Leader

  • Avel Gordly
    Former State Senator, Civil Rights Leader

  • Akasha Lawrence-Spence
    Former State Senator

  • Jackie Dingfelder
    Former State Senator

  • Jane Cease
    Former State Senator

  • Steve Novick
    Former Portland City Commissioner

  • Mohamed Alyajouri
    Former Portland Community College Board Member

  • Linda McKim Bellm
    Human Rights Commissioner Portland Emeritus

Community Leaders

  • Amie Wexler
    Community and Criminal Justice Reform Leader

  • Andrea Cano
    Community Leader

  • Anita Keahilani Yap
    Community Leader

  • Andrew McGough
    Community Leader

  • Ali O'Neill
    President, O'Neill Construction Group

  • Rabbi Ariel Stone

  • Ashley Henry
    Community Leader

  • Bob Speltz
    Community Leader

  • Bobbin Singh
    Executive Director, Oregon Justice Resource Center

  • Catherine Thomasson
    Vice Chair Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) & MCAT Steering Committee

  • Cicely Thrasher
    Gun Violence Prevention Advocate

  • Consuelo Saragoza
    Community Leader

  • Cynthia Carmina Gomez
    Community Leader

  • David Chen
    Community Leader

  • Eric Ward
    Community Leader and Executive Vice President of Race Forward

  • Ernesto Fonseca
    Chief Executive Officer, Hacienda CDC

  • Faye Burch
    Civil Rights Leader

  • Jason Renaud
    Community Leader and Mental Health Advocate

  • Jenny Lee
    Racial Justice Advocate

  • Jesse Beason
    Nonprofit Director and Community Leader

  • Jock Gurney Kimberley
    Community Leader and Housing Advocate

  • Jeana Frazzini
    LGTBQIA+ Leader

  • Kevin Fitts
    Mental Health Advocate, Candidate for Multnomah County Commission (D1)

  • Khanh Le
    Nonprofit Director and Community Leader

  • Lakeitha Elliott
    Community Leader

  • Laura Golino de Lovato
    Community Leader

  • Lee Po Cha
    Community Leader

  • Lisa Sedlar
    Business Leader

  • Lori Bauman
    Former TriMet Board Member

  • Marcus Mundy
    Nonprofit Director and Community Leader

  • Margaret Butler
    Former ED of Jobs with Justice PDX

  • Matt Chapman
    Community Leader

  • Melanie Plaut
    Physician / OBGYN

  • Mike Alexander
    Community Leader

  • Mike Marshall
    Executive Director and Addiction Recovery Advocate

  • Michael Burch
    Labor Leader

  • Nancy Haque
    LGBTQ Community Leader

  • Nichole Maher
    Community Leader

  • Oscar Arana
    Interim CEO, NAYA Family Center

  • Paul Lumley
    Nonprofit and Community Leader

  • Peggy Nagae
    Community Leader

  • Raahi Reddy
    Community Leader

  • Robert Stoll
    Civic Leader

  • Pastor Robin Wisner

  • Rukaiyah Adams
    CEO and Community Leader

  • Shaley Howard
    Business Owner

  • Thomas Karwaki
    Community Leader

  • Valdez Bravo
    Former First Vice Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon

  • Wajdi Said
    Interfaith Leader

  • William Miller
    Community Leader

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Commissioner Jayapal’s unwavering progressive values have made her a leader on raising pay for frontline workers, making healthcare more accessible to our most vulnerable, and standing up for reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights and racial justice.”

Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County Chair

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I’ve seen firsthand the way that Susheela fights for all our communities, particularly BIPOC and other underrepresented communities. She never shies away from being a voice for vulnerable families who need a fierce advocate.” 

Kayse Jama, State Senator

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We deserve a tenacious problem solver like Susheela Jayapal in Congress. Susheela leads with a steadfast commitment that ‘justice for all’ means exactly that. Jayapal believes in the importance of opportunity and works tirelessly to make sure everyone in our community can thrive.

Eric Ward, Community Leader and Executive Vice President of Race Forward

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